31.6. Script Execution Using the Hot Rod Java Client

If authorization is disabled on the server then anyone may execute scripts once they have been installed. Otherwise, only users with EXEC permissions will be allowed to run previously installed scripts.
Scripts may be executed in Hot Rod by calling execute(scriptName, parameters) on the cache where the script should be executed. In this case the scriptName corresponds with the name of the script stored in the ___script_cache, and parameters is a Map<String,Object> of named parameters.
The following example demonstrates executing the above multiplication.js script through Hot Rod:
RemoteCache<String, Integer> cache = cacheManager.getCache();
// Create the parameters for script execution
Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<>();
params.put("multiplicand", 10);
params.put("multiplier", 20);
// Run the script on the server, passing in the parameters
Object result = cache.execute("multiplication.js", params);