Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 7.0.0-4Thur Jul 20 2017John Brier
JDG-1109: Obsolete REST security documentation (7.0.1).
Revision 7.0.0-3Thur May 25 2017John Brier
JDG-984: Removed references to unsupported mixed Client-Server and embedded cluster.
Revision 7.0.0-2Thu 23 Jun 2016Christian Huffman
JDG-476: Updated information for Projection Queries.
Updated Apache Spark version details.
Included enhancements for C++ and C# Hot Rod clients.
Revision 7.0.0-1Tue 3 May 2016Christian Huffman
Updated information on Apache Spark.
Revision 7.0.0-0Tue 19 Apr 2016Christian Huffman
Initial draft for 7.0.0.
Completed refactoring guide.
Added Hot Rod Node.js Client.
Added Apache Spark Integration.
Added Apache Hadoop Integration.
Included Chapter on Remote Execution and Scripting.
Included Chapter on Streams.