20.5. Configuring Red Hat JBoss Data Grid for Authorization

Authorization is configured at two levels: the cache container (CacheManager), and at the single cache.
Each cache container determines:
  • whether to use authorization.
  • a class which will map principals to a set of roles.
  • a set of named roles and the permissions they represent.
You can choose to use only a subset of the roles defined at the container level.

Roles may be applied on a cache-per-cache basis, using the roles defined at the cache-container level, as follows:


Any cache that is intended to require authentication must have a listing of roles defined; otherwise authentication is not enforced as the no-anonymous policy is defined by the cache's authorization.
Programmatic CacheManager Authorization (Library Mode)

The following example shows how to set up the same authorization parameters for Library mode using programmatic configuration:

Example 20.2. CacheManager Authorization Programmatic Configuration

GlobalConfigurationBuilder global = new GlobalConfigurationBuilder();
           .principalRoleMapper(new IdentityRoleMapper())
  ConfigurationBuilder config = new ConfigurationBuilder();


The REST protocol is not supported for use with authorization, and any attempts to access a cache with authorization enabled will result in a SecurityException.