7.4. Custom Externalizer ID Values

Advanced externalizers can be assigned custom IDs if desired. Some ID ranges are reserved for other modules or frameworks and must be avoided:

Table 7.1. Reserved Externalizer ID Ranges

ID Range Reserved For
1000-1099 The Infinispan Tree Module
1100-1199 Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Server modules
1200-1299 Hibernate Infinispan Second Level Cache
1300-1399 JBoss Data Grid Lucene Directory
1400-1499 Hibernate OGM
1500-1599 Hibernate Search
1600-1699 Infinispan Query Module
1700-1799 Infinispan Remote Query Module
1800-1849 JBoss Data Grid Scripting Module
1850-1899 JBoss Data Grid Server Event Logger Module
1900-1999 JBoss Data Grid Remote Store

7.4.1. Customize the Externalizer ID (Programmatically)

Use the following configuration to programmatically assign a specific ID to the externalizer:

Example 7.5. Assign an ID to the Externalizer

GlobalConfiguration globalConfiguration = new GlobalConfigurationBuilder()
               .addAdvancedExternalizer($ID, new Person.PersonExternalizer())
Replace the $ID with the desired ID.