19.4. JMS Master and Slave Back End Configuration

While using an Infinispan directory, it is recommended to use the JMS Master/Slave backend. In Infinispan, all nodes share the same index and since IndexWriter is active on different nodes, it acquires the lock on the same index. So instead of sending updates directly to the index, send it to a JMS queue and make a single node apply all changes on behalf of all other nodes.


Not enabling a JMS based backend will lead to timeout exceptions when multiple nodes attempt to write to the index.
To configure a JMS slave, replace only the backend and set the directory provider to Infinispan. Set the same directory provider on the master and it will connect without the need to set up the copy job across nodes.
For Master and Slave backend configuration examples, see the Back End Setup and Operations section of the Red Hat JBoss EAPAdministration and Configuration Guide.