Chapter 12. Getting Started with Infinispan Query

12.1. Introduction

The Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Library mode Querying API enables you to search for entries in the grid using values instead of keys. It provides features such as:
  • Keyword, Range, Fuzzy, Wildcard, and Phrase queries
  • Combining queries
  • Sorting, filtering, and pagination of query results
This API, which is based on Apache Lucene and Hibernate Search, is supported in JBoss Data Grid. Additionally, JBoss Data Grid provides an alternate mechanism that allows direct indexless searching. See Chapter 16, The Infinispan Query DSL for details.
Enabling Querying

The Querying API is enabled by default in Remote Client-Server Mode. Instructions for enabling Querying in Library Mode are found in the Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Administration and Configuration Guide.