30.2. Using Streams with a Distribution Cache

When a Stream operation is performed on a distribution cache it will send the intermediate and terminal operations to each node, and then the resulting data will be sent back to the originating node. This behavior allows operations to be performed on the remote nodes and only the end results returned, resulting in much better performance as the intermediate values are not returned.
Rehash Aware

Once the stream has been created the data will be segmented so that each node will only perform operations upon the data that it owns as the primary owner. Assuming the segments are granular enough to provide an even distribution of data per node, this allows for even processing of data across the segments.

This process can be volatile if new nodes are added or old nodes leave the cluster, as the data is redistributed between nodes. This may cause issues where data can be processed a second time; however, Section 30.4, “Distributed Streams” handles the redistribution of data automatically so that manual monitoring of nodes does not need to occur.