20.8. The Security Audit Logger

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid includes a logger to audit security logs for the cache, specifically whether a cache or a cache manager operation was allowed or denied for various operations.
The default audit logger is org.infinispan.security.impl.DefaultAuditLogger. This logger outputs audit logs using the available logging framework (for example, JBoss Logging) and provides results at the TRACE level and the AUDIT category.
To send the AUDIT category to either a log file, a JMS queue, or a database, use the appropriate log appender.

20.8.1. Configure the Security Audit Logger (Library Mode)

Use the following to configure the audit logger in Red Hat JBoss Data Grid:
GlobalConfigurationBuilder global = new GlobalConfigurationBuilder();
         .auditLogger(new DefaultAuditLogger());

20.8.2. Custom Audit Loggers

Users can implement custom audit loggers in Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Library and Remote Client-Server Mode. The custom logger must implement the org.infinispan.security.AuditLogger interface. If no custom logger is provided, the default logger (DefaultAuditLogger) is used.