11.3. Hot Rod Operation Values

The following is a list of valid opcode values for a request header and their corresponding response header values:

Table 11.60. Opcode Request and Response Header Values

Operation Request Operation Code Response Operation Code
put 0x01 0x02
get 0x03 0x04
putIfAbsent 0x05 0x06
replace 0x07 0x08
replaceIfUnmodified 0x09 0x0A
remove 0x0B 0x0C
removeIfUnmodified 0x0D 0x0E
containsKey 0x0F 0x10
clear 0x13 0x14
stats 0x15 0x16
ping 0x17 0x18
bulkGet 0x19 0x1A
getWithMetadata 0x1B 0x1C
bulkKeysGet 0x1D 0x1E
query 0x1F 0x20
authMechList 0x21 0x22
auth 0x23 0x24
addClientListener 0x25 0x26
removeClientListener 0x27 0x28
size 0x29 0x2A
exec 0x2B 0x2C
putAll 0x2D 0x2E
getAll 0x2F 0x30
iterationStart 0x31 0x32
iterationNext 0x33 0x34
iterationEnd 0x35 0x36
Additionally, if the response header opcode value is 0x50, it indicates an error response.

11.3.1. Magic Values

The following is a list of valid values for the Magic field in request and response headers:

Table 11.61. Magic Field Values

Value Details
0xA0 Cache request marker.
0xA1 Cache response marker.

11.3.2. Status Values

The following is a table that contains all valid values for the Status field in a response header:

Table 11.62. Status Values

Value Details
0x00 No error.
0x01 Not put/removed/replaced.
0x02 Key does not exist.
0x06 Success status and compatibility mode is enabled.
0x07 Success status and return previous value, with compatibility mode is enabled.
0x08 Not executed and return previous value, with compatibility mode is enabled.
0x81 Invalid Magic value or Message ID.
0x82 Unknown command.
0x83 Unknown version.
0x84 Request parsing error.
0x85 Server error.
0x86 Command timed out.

11.3.3. Client Intelligence Values

The following is a list of valid values for Client Intelligence in a request header:

Table 11.63. Client Intelligence Field Values

Value Details
0x01 Indicates a basic client that does not require any cluster or hash information.
0x02 Indicates a client that is aware of topology and requires cluster information.
0x03 Indicates a client that is aware of hash and distribution and requires both the cluster and hash information.

11.3.4. Flag Values

The following is a list of valid flag values in the request header:

Table 11.64. Flag Field Values

Value Details
0x0001 ForceReturnPreviousValue

11.3.5. Hot Rod Error Handling

Table 11.65. Hot Rod Error Handling using Response Header Fields

Field Data Type Details
Error Opcode - Contains the error operation code.
Error Status Number - Contains a status number that corresponds to the error opcode.
Error Message Length vInt Contains the length of the error message.
Error Message string Contains the actual error message. If an 0x84 error code returns, which indicates that there was an error in parsing the request, this field contains the latest version supported by the Hot Rod server.