Chapter 23. Marshalling

Marshalling is the process of converting Java objects into a format that is transferable over the wire. Unmarshalling is the reversal of this process where data read from a wire format is converted into Java objects.
Red Hat JBoss Data Grid uses marshalling and unmarshalling to:
  • transform data for relay to other JBoss Data Grid nodes within the cluster.
  • transform data to be stored in underlying cache stores.

23.1. About Marshalling Framework

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid uses the JBoss Marshalling Framework to marshall and unmarshall Java POJOs. Using the JBoss Marshalling Framework offers a significant performance benefit, and is therefore used instead of Java Serialization. Additionally, the JBoss Marshalling Framework can efficiently marshall Java POJOs, including Java classes.
The Java Marshalling Framework uses high performance and implementations compared to the standard and