29.5. Distributed Task Execution Policy

The DistributedTaskExecutionPolicy allows tasks to specify a custom execution policy across the Red Hat JBoss Data Grid cluster, by scoping execution of tasks to a subset of nodes.
For example, DistributedTaskExecutionPolicy can be used to manage task execution in the following cases:
  • where a task is to be exclusively executed on a local network site instead of a backup remote network center.
  • where only a dedicated subset of a certain JBoss Data Grid rack nodes are required for specific task execution.

Example 29.5. Using Rack Nodes to Execute a Specific Task

DistributedExecutorService des = new DefaultExecutorService(cache);
DistributedTaskBuilder<Boolean> taskBuilder = des.createDistributedTaskBuilder(new SomeCallable());
DistributedTask<Boolean> distributedTask = taskBuilder.build();
Future<Boolean> future = des.submit(distributedTask);
Boolean r = future.get();