11.11. Compatibility Between Server and Hot Rod Client Versions

Hot Rod clients, such as the Hot Rod Java, Hot Rod C++, and Hot Rod C#, are compatible with different versions of Red Hat JBoss Data Grid server. The server should be of the latest version in order to run with different Hot Rod clients.


It is recommended to use the same version of the Hot Rod client and the JBoss Data Grid server, except in a case of migration or upgrade, to prevent any known problems.
Consider the following scenarios.
Scenario 1: Server running on a newer version than the Hot Rod client.

The following will be the impact on the client side:

  • client will not have advantage of the latest protocol improvements.
  • client might run into known issues which are fixed for the server-side version.
  • client can only use the functionalities available in its current version and the previous versions.
Scenario 2: Hot Rod client running on a newer version than the server.

In this case, when a Hot Rod client connects to a JBoss Data Grid server, the connection will be rejected with an exception error. The client can be downgraded to a known protocol version by either setting the client side property infinispan.client.hotrod.protocol_version, or by using the ConfigurationBuilder's protocolVersion(String version) method. When downgraded the client version using either of these methods a String containing the desired version should be passed in. In this case the client is able to connect to the server, but will be restricted to the functionality of that version. Any command which is not supported by this protocol version will not work and throw an exception; in addition, the topology information might be inefficient in this case.

Example 11.12. Downgrading Client Hot Rod Protocol Version

The following code snippet demonstrates how to downgrade this version using the protocolVersion(String version) method:
Configuration config = new ConfigurationBuilder()


It is not recommended to use this approach without guidance from Red Hat support.
The following table details the compatibility between different Hot Rod client and server versions.

Table 11.80. Hot Rod protocol and server compatibility

JBoss Data Grid Server Version Hot Rod Protocol Version
JBoss Data Grid 7.0.0 Hot Rod 2.5 and later