29.2. DistributedCallable API

The DistributedCallable interface is a subtype of the existing Callable from java.util.concurrent.package, and can be executed in a remote JVM and receive input from Red Hat JBoss Data Grid. The DistributedCallable interface is used to facilitate tasks that require access to JBoss Data Grid cache data.
When using the DistributedCallable API to execute a task, the task's main algorithm remains unchanged, however the input source is changed.
Users who have already implemented the Callable interface must extend DistributedCallable if access to the cache or the set of passed in keys is required.

Example 29.1. Using the DistributedCallable API

public interface DistributedCallable<K, V, T> extends Callable<T> {
    * Invoked by execution environment after DistributedCallable
    * has been migrated for execution to a specific Infinispan node.
    * @param cache
    *           cache whose keys are used as input data for this
    *           DistributedCallable task
    * @param inputKeys
    *           keys used as input for this DistributedCallable task
   public void setEnvironment(Cache<K, V> cache, Set<K> inputKeys);