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Chapter 23. org


Contains methods to access common organization management functions available from the web interface.

23.1. create

Create a new organization and associated administrator account.
  • string sessionKey
  • string orgName - Organization name. Must meet same criteria as in the web UI.
  • string adminLogin - New administrator login name.
  • string adminPassword - New administrator password.
  • string prefix - New administrator's prefix. Must match one of the values available in the web UI. (i.e. Dr., Mr., Mrs., Sr., etc.)
  • string firstName - New administrator's first name.
  • string lastName - New administrator's first name.
  • string email - New administrator's e-mail.
  • boolean usePamAuth - True if PAM authentication should be used for the new administrator account.
Return Value
  • struct - organization info
    • int id
    • string name
    • int active_users - Number of active users in the organization.
    • int systems - Number of systems in the organization.
    • int trusts - Number of trusted organizations.
    • int system_groups - Number of system groups in the organization. (optional)
    • int activation_keys - Number of activation keys in the organization. (optional)
    • int kickstart_profiles - Number of kickstart profiles in the organization. (optional)
    • int configuration_channels - Number of configuration channels in the organization. (optional)
    • boolean staging_content_enabled - Is staging content enabled in organization. (optional)