14.2. createProfile

Import a kickstart profile.
  • string sessionKey
  • string profileLabel - Label for the new kickstart profile.
  • string virtualizationType - none, para_host, qemu, xenfv or xenpv.
  • string kickstartableTreeLabel - Label of a kickstartable tree to associate the new profile with.
  • string kickstartHost - Kickstart hostname (of a satellite or proxy) used to construct the default download URL for the new kickstart profile.
  • string rootPassword - Root password.
  • string updateType - Should the profile update itself to use the newest tree available? Possible values are: none (default), red_hat (only use Kickstart Trees synced from Red Hat), or all (includes custom Kickstart Trees).
Return Value
  • int - 1 on success, exception thrown otherwise.