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13.21. setDetails

Set erratum details. All arguments are optional and will only be modified if included in the struct. This method will only allow for modification of custom errata created either through the UI or API.
  • string sessionKey
  • string advisoryName
  • struct - errata details
    • string synopsis
    • string advisory_name
    • int advisory_release
    • string advisory_type - Type of advisory (one of the following: 'Security Advisory', 'Product Enhancement Advisory', or 'Bug Fix Advisory'
    • string product
    • dateTime.iso8601 issue_date
    • dateTime.iso8601 update_date
    • string errataFrom
    • string topic
    • string description
    • string references
    • string notes
    • string solution
    • array bugs - 'bugs' is the key into the struct
    • array:
      • struct - bug
        • int id - Bug Id
        • string summary
        • string url
    • array keywords - 'keywords' is the key into the struct
    • array:
      • string - keyword - List of keywords to associate with the errata.
    • array CVEs - 'cves' is the key into the struct
    • array:
      • string - cves - List of CVEs to associate with the errata. (valid only for published errata)
Return Value
  • int - 1 on success, exception thrown otherwise.