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27.3. advancedWithChannel

Advanced method to search lucene indexes with a passed in query written in Lucene Query Parser syntax, additionally this method will limit results to those which are in the passed in channel label. Lucene Query Parser syntax is defined at Fields searchable for Packages: name, epoch, version, release, arch, description, summary Lucene Query Example: "name:kernel AND version:2.6.18 AND -description:devel"
  • string sessionKey
  • string luceneQuery - a query written in the form of Lucene QueryParser Syntax
  • string channelLabel - Channel Label
Return Value
  • array:
    • struct - package overview
      • int id
      • string name
      • string summary
      • string description
      • string version
      • string release
      • string arch
      • string epoch
      • string provider