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Chapter 42. user.external


If you are using IPA integration to allow authentication of users from an external IPA server (rare) the users will still need to be created in the Satellite database. Methods in this namespace allow you to configure some specifics of how this happens, like what organization they are created in or what roles they will have. These options can also be set in the web admin interface.

42.1. createExternalGroupToRoleMap

Externally authenticated users may be members of external groups. You can use these groups to assign additional roles to the users when they log in. Can only be called by a satellite_admin.
  • string sessionKey
  • string name - Name of the external group. Must be unique.
  • array:
    • string - role - Can be any of: satellite_admin, org_admin (implies all other roles except for satellite_admin), channel_admin, config_admin, system_group_admin, or activation_key_admin.
Return Value
  • struct - externalGroup
    • string name
    • array roles
      • string - role