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20.25. setAdvancedOptions

Set advanced options for a kickstart profile. If 'md5_crypt_rootpw' is set to 'True', 'root_pw' is taken as plaintext and will md5 encrypted on server side, otherwise a hash encoded password (according to the auth option) is expected
  • string sessionKey
  • string ksLabel
  • array:
    • struct - advanced options
      • string name - Name of the advanced option. Valid Option names: autostep, interactive, install, upgrade, text, network, cdrom, harddrive, nfs, url, lang, langsupport keyboard, mouse, device, deviceprobe, zerombr, clearpart, bootloader, timezone, auth, rootpw, selinux, reboot, firewall, xconfig, skipx, key, ignoredisk, autopart, cmdline, firstboot, graphical, iscsi, iscsiname, logging, monitor, multipath, poweroff, halt, services, shutdown, user, vnc, zfcp, driverdisk, md5_crypt_rootpw
      • string arguments - Arguments of the option
Return Value
  • int - 1 on success, exception thrown otherwise.