Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Satellite

Chapter 1. Introduction to Red Hat Satellite

Red Hat Satellite provides organizations with the benefits of Red Hat Network without the need for public Internet access for servers or client systems. Red Hat Satellite also provides the following benefits:
  • You have complete control and privacy over package management and server maintenance within your own networks.
  • You can store System Profiles on a Satellite server, which connects to the Red Hat Network website using a local web server.
  • You can perform package management tasks, including errata updates, through the local area network.
This gives Red Hat Network customers the greatest flexibility and power to keep servers secure and up-to-date.

1.1. The Red Hat Satellite API

Red Hat Satellite includes an application programming interface (API), which offers software developers and system administrators control over their Satellite servers outside of the standard web and command line interfaces. The API is useful for developers and administrators who aim to integrate the functionality of a Red Hat Satellite with custom scripts or external applications that access the API via XML remote procedure call (RPC) protocol, or XML-RPC.
This guide aims to provide developers and administrators with instructions and examples to help harness the functionality of their Red Hat Satellite through the XML-RPM protocol.