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Chapter 25. packages


Methods to retrieve information about the Packages contained within this server.

25.1. findByNvrea

Lookup the details for packages with the given name, version, release, architecture label, and (optionally) epoch.
  • string sessionKey
  • string name
  • string version
  • string release
  • string epoch - If set to something other than empty string, strict matching will be used and the epoch string must be correct. If set to an empty string, if the epoch is null or there is only one NVRA combination, it will be returned. (Empty string is recommended.)
  • string archLabel
Return Value
  • array:
    • struct - package
      • string name
      • string version
      • string release
      • string epoch
      • int id
      • string arch_label
      • string path - The path on that file system that the package resides
      • string provider - The provider of the package, determined by the gpg key it was signed with.
      • dateTime.iso8601 last_modified