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10.6. clone

Clone a channel. If arch_label is omitted, the arch label of the original channel will be used. If parent_label is omitted, the clone will be a base channel.
  • string sessionKey
  • string original_label
  • struct - channel details
    • string name
    • string label
    • string summary
    • string parent_label - (optional)
    • string arch_label - (optional)
    • string gpg_key_url - (optional), gpg_url might be used as well
    • string gpg_key_id - (optional), gpg_id might be used as well
    • string gpg_key_fp - (optional), gpg_fingerprint might be used as well
    • string description - (optional)
    • string checksum - either sha1 or sha256
  • boolean original_state
Return Value
  • int the cloned channel ID