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4.9. create

Create a new activation key. The activation key parameter passed in will be prefixed with the organization ID, and this value will be returned from the create call. Eg. If the caller passes in the key "foo" and belong to an organization with the ID 100, the actual activation key will be "100-foo". This call allows for the setting of a usage limit on this activation key. If unlimited usage is desired see the similarly named API method with no usage limit argument.
  • string sessionKey
  • string key - Leave empty to have new key autogenerated.
  • string description
  • string baseChannelLabel - Leave empty to accept default.
  • int usageLimit - If unlimited usage is desired, use the create API that does not include the parameter.
  • array string - Add-on entitlement label to associate with the key.
      • provisioning_entitled
      • virtualization_host
      • virtualization_host_platform
  • boolean universalDefault
Return Value
  • string - The new activation key.