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41.13. listSystems

Return a list of systems associated with this system group. User must have access to this system group.
  • string sessionKey
  • string systemGroupName
Return Value
  • array:
    • struct - server details
      • int id - System id
      • string profile_name
      • string base_entitlement - System's base entitlement label. (enterprise_entitled or sw_mgr_entitled)
      • array string
        • addon_entitlements - System's addon entitlements labels, including provisioning_entitled, virtualization_host, virtualization_host_platform
      • boolean auto_update - True if system has auto errata updates enabled.
      • string release - The Operating System release (i.e. 4AS, 5Server
      • string address1
      • string address2
      • string city
      • string state
      • string country
      • string building
      • string room
      • string rack
      • string description
      • string hostname
      • dateTime.iso8601 last_boot
      • string osa_status - Either 'unknown', 'offline', or 'online'.
      • boolean lock_status - True indicates that the system is locked. False indicates that the system is unlocked.
      • string virtualization - Virtualization type - for virtual guests only (optional)