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4.2. addConfigChannels

Given a list of activation keys and configuration channels, this method adds given configuration channels to either the top or the bottom (whichever you specify) of an activation key's configuration channels list. The ordering of the configuration channels provided in the add list is maintained while adding. If one of the configuration channels in the 'add' list already exists in an activation key, the configuration channel will be re-ranked to the appropriate place.
  • string sessionKey
  • array:
    • string - activationKey
  • array:
    • string - List of configuration channel labels in the ranked order.
  • boolean addToTop
    • true - To prepend the given channels to the beginning of the activation key's config channel list
    • false - To append the given channels to the end of the activation key's config channel list
Return Value
  • int - 1 on success, exception thrown otherwise.