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20.21. listScripts

List the pre and post scripts for a kickstart profile in the order they will run during the kickstart.
  • string sessionKey
  • string ksLabel - The label of the kickstart
Return Value
  • array:
    • struct - kickstart script
      • int id
      • string name
      • string contents
      • string script_type - Which type of script ('pre' or 'post').
      • string interpreter - The scripting language interpreter to use for this script. An empty string indicates the default kickstart shell.
      • boolean chroot - True if the script will be executed within the chroot environment.
      • boolean erroronfail - True if the script will throw an error if it fails.
      • boolean template - True if templating using cobbler is enabled
      • boolean beforeRegistration - True if script will run before the server registers and performs server actions.