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35.7. listFiles

Return the list of files in a given channel.
  • string sessionKey
  • int serverId
  • int listLocal
    • 1 - to return configuration files in the system's local override configuration channel
    • 0 - to return configuration files in the system's sandbox configuration channel
Return Value
  • array:
    • struct - Configuration File information
      • string type
        • file
        • directory
        • symlink
      • string path - File Path
      • string channel_label - the label of the central configuration channel that has this file. Note this entry only shows up if the file has not been overridden by a central channel.
      • struct channel_type
      • struct - Configuration Channel Type information
        • int id
        • string label
        • string name
        • int priority
      • dateTime.iso8601 last_modified - Last Modified Date