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1.3. Using the Read-only API

Red Hat Satellite 5.8 features a read-only API that is designed to provide a safe way of auditing and generating reports of the contents of the Satellite server. Read-only users cannot log in to the Satellite web UI or perform other actions that can affect the functionality of the Satellite. For example, read-only users cannot make back-end calls or use API calls that modify content.
Read-only API users can only use non-destructive API calls, such as org.listUsers; in short, they are denied access to any API call that does not start with list, is, or get. In addition, read-only users require the same role specifications as normal users to gain access to the API calls associated with those roles. This leads to the concept where a read-only channel administrator can make API calls such as channel.listAllChannels but cannot call org.listUsers because the organization administrator rights are not available.

1.3.1. Creating a Read-only User

Use the same procedure to create a read-only user as for any other type of user, but ensure you select the Read only API user as part of the process.

Procedure 1.1. To Create a Read-only API User:

  1. Click the Users tab on the main menu, and then click Create User.
  2. Complete the required details, and select Read-only API User.
  3. Click Create Login.