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27.2. advancedWithActKey

Advanced method to search lucene indexes with a passed in query written in Lucene Query Parser syntax, additionally this method will limit results to those which are associated with a given activation key. Lucene Query Parser syntax is defined at Fields searchable for Packages: name, epoch, version, release, arch, description, summary Lucene Query Example: "name:kernel AND version:2.6.18 AND -description:devel"
  • string sessionKey
  • string luceneQuery - a query written in the form of Lucene QueryParser Syntax
  • string actKey - activation key to look for packages in
Return Value
  • array:
    • struct - package overview
      • int id
      • string name
      • string summary
      • string description
      • string version
      • string release
      • string arch
      • string epoch
      • string provider