Red Hat Satellite Release Dates

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The tables below list major and minor Red Hat Satellite releases and dates, major errata updates, and some identifying package versions that shipped with them.

Refer to the Red Hat Satellite and Proxy Life Cycle Policy for details on the life cycle of Red Hat Satellite releases. Satellite/Proxy 5 customers please be aware of Important Changes Coming to Red Hat Satellite 5.

Follow these instructions to find what version of Satellite you are running.

Red Hat Satellite 6

Release/Update General Availability Date Link Foreman Version Update vs. Upgrade*
Satellite 6.3.3 Update 2018-08-22 RHBA-2018:2550 Update
Satellite 6.3.2 Update 2018-06-19 RHBA-2018:1950 Update
Satellite 6.3.1 Update 2018-04-13 RHBA-2018:1126 Update
Satellite 6.3 GA Release 2018-02-21 RHSA-2018:0336 Upgrade Guide / FAQ
Satellite 6.3 Beta Release 2017-12-07 New Install
Satellite 6.2.15 Update 2018-05-21 RHBA-2018:1672 Update
Satellite 6.2.14 Update 2018-02-05 RHBA-2018:0272 Update
Satellite 6.2.13 Update 2017-12-20 RHBA-2017:3492 Update
Satellite 6.2.12 Update 2017-09-25 RHBA-2017:2803 Update
Satellite 6.2.11 Update 2017-08-10 RHBA-2017:2466 Update
Satellite 6.2.10 Update 2017-06-20 RHBA-2017:1553 Update
Satellite 6.2.9 Update 2017-05-01 RHBA-2017:1191 Update
Satellite 6.2.8 Update 2017-03-06 RHBA-2017:0447 Update
Satellite 6.2.7 Update 2017-01-26 RHBA-2017:0197 Update
Satellite 6.2.6 Update 2016-12-19 RHBA-2016:2958 Update
Satellite 6.2.5 Update 2016-12-12 RHBA-2016:2940 Update
Satellite 6.2.4 Update 2016-11-10 RHBA-2016:2699 Update
Satellite 6.2.3 Update 2016-10-26 RHBA-2016:2108 Update
Satellite 6.2.2 Update 2016-09-15 RHBA-2016:1885 Update
Satellite 6.2.1 Update 2016-08-16 RHBA-2016:1615 Update
Satellite 6.2 GA Release 2016-07-27 RHBA-2016:1501 Upgrade FAQ
Satellite 6.2 Beta Release 2016-04-28 Upgrade
Satellite 6.1.12 Update 2017-06-29 RHBA-2017:1668 Update
Satellite 6.1.11 Update 2016-11-17 RHBA-2016:2804 Update
Satellite 6.1.10 Update 2016-09-27 RHBA-2016:1938 Update
Satellite 6.1.9 Update 2016-05-17 RHBA-2016:1084 Update
Satellite 6.1.8 Update 2016-03-22 RHBA-2016:0475 Update
Satellite 6.1.7 Update 2016-02-15 RHSA-2016:0174 Update
Satellite 6.1.6 Update 2016-01-21 RHBA-2016:0052 Update
Satellite 6.1.5 Update 2015-12-15 RHSA-2015:2622 Update
Satellite 6.1.4 Update 2015-11-19 RHBA-2015:2474 Update
Satellite 6.1.3 Update 2015-10-12 RHBA-2015:1911 Update
Satellite 6.1.2 Update 2015-09-15 RHBA-2015:1786 Update
Satellite 6.1 GA Release (Build 6.1.1) 2015-08-12 RHSA-2015:1592 (on RHEL 6 / RHSA-2015:1591 (on RHEL 7) Upgrade
Satellite 6.1 Beta Release (Build 6.1.0) 2015-06-17 Upgrade
Satellite 6.0.8 Update 2015-02-20 RHBA-2015:0247 Update
Satellite 6.0.7 Update 2015-01-16 RHBA-2015:0054 Update
Satellite 6.0.6 Update 2014-Nov-13 RHBA-2014:1857 Update
Satellite 6.0.5 Update 2014-Sep-22 RHBA-2014:1279 Update
Satellite 6.0 GA Release (Build 6.0.4) 2014-Sep-10 RHBA-2014:1175 Transition from Satellite 5

NOTE: For Errata updates, please read the "Solution" section of the errata page and follow all instructions to apply updates. For more package versions, see "Satellite 6 Component Versions".

Red Hat Satellite 5

NOTE: Please be aware of Important Changes Coming to Red Hat Satellite 5.
NOTE: For Errata updates, please read the "Solution" section of the errata page and follow all instructions to apply updates. For Satellite 5 upgrades between major or minor versions, make sure to follow instructions in the rhn-upgrade package documentation (also see "How to upgrade Red Hat Satellite Server to the most current version?"). For transitioning from Satellite 5 to Satellite 6, see "Red Hat Satellite 5 to Satellite 6 Transition FAQ".

Release/Update General Availability Date Link satellite-branding Version Update vs. Upgrade*
Satellite 5.8 GA Release 2017-06-20 Release Notes Upgrade
Satellite 5.7 GA Release 2015-01-12 Release Notes Upgrade
Satellite 5.6 GA Release 2013-10-01 Release Notes Upgrade

NOTE: End-of-Life (EOL) notification for Red Hat Satellite 5 running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 ; End-of-Life (EOL) notification for Red Hat Satellite 5.5 and older versions


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