Red Hat Satellite Release Dates

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The tables below list major and minor Red Hat Satellite releases and dates, major errata updates, and some identifying package versions that shipped with them.

For End of Life (EOL) dates, please refer to the Red Hat Satellite Product Life Cycle and check the details on the release of interest.

Follow these instructions to find what version of Satellite you are running.

Red Hat Satellite 6.x Release info

Release/Update General Availability Date Link Foreman Version Update vs. Upgrade*
Satellite 6.13.4 Update 2023-09-12 RHBA-2023:5106 Update
Satellite 6.12.5 Update 2023-08-28 RHBA-2023:4749 Update
Satellite 6.13.3 Update 2023-08-03 RHSA-2023:4466 Update
Satellite 6.13.2 Update 2023-07-12 RHBA-2023:4043 Update
Satellite 6.13.1 Update 2023-05-31 RHSA-2023:3387 Update
Satellite Update 2023-06-15 RHBA-2023:3632 Update
Satellite Update 2023-06-15 RHBA-2023:3631 Update
Satellite Update 2023-05-10 RHBA-2023:2729 Update
Satellite 6.13 GA release 2023-05-03 RHSA-2023:2097 Upgrade Guide
Satellite 6.12.4 Update 2023-04-27 RHBA-2023:2052 Update
Satellite 6.12.3 Update 2023-04-04 RHSA-2023:1630 Update
Satellite Update 2023-03-27 RHBA-2023:1478 Update
Satellite Update 2023-03-20 RHBA-2023:1351 Update
Satellite 6.11.5 Update 2023-03-07 RHSA-2023:1151 Update
Satellite Update 2023-03-01 RHBA-2023:1041 Update
Satellite 6.12.2 Update 2023-02-08 RHBA-2023:0668 Update
Satellite 6.12.1 Update 2023-01-18 RHSA-2023:0261 Update
Satellite Update 2022-11-17 RHBA-2022:8526 Update
Satellite Update 2022-11-17 RHBA-2022:8527 Update
Satellite 6.9.10 Update 2022-11-17 RHSA-2022:8532 Update
Satellite 6.12 GA release 2022-11-16 RHSA-2022:8506 Upgrade Guide
Satellite 6.11.4 Update 2022-10-27 RHSA-2022:7242 Update
Satellite 6.11.3 Update 2022-09-28 RHBA-2022:6743 Update
Satellite 6.11.2 Update 2022-08-30 RHBA-2022:6233 Update
Satellite Update 2022-08-02 RHBA-2022:5868 Update
Satellite 6.11.1 Update 2022-07-27 RHBA-2022:5742 Update
Satellite 6.10.7 Update 2022-07-06 RHBA-2022:5516 Update
Satellite 6.11 GA release 2022-07-05 RHSA-2022:5498 Upgrade Guide
Satellite 6.10.6 Update 2022-05-31 RHBA-2022:4850 Update
Satellite 6.10.5-1 Update 2022-05-11 RHBA-2022:2203 Update
Satellite 6.10.5 Update 2022-05-04 RHSA-2022:1708 Update
Satellite 6.9.9 Update 2022-04-20 RHSA-2022:1478 Update
Satellite 6.10.4-1 Update 2022-03-30 RHBA-2022:1149 Update
Satellite 6.10.4 Update 2022-03-29 RHBA-2022:1116 Update
Satellite 6.10.3 Update 2022-03-08 RHSA-2022:0790 Update
Satellite 6.9.8 Update 2022-01-27 RHBA-2022:0320 Update
Satellite 6.10.2 Update 2022-01-19 RHSA-2022:0190 Update
Satellite 6.10.1 Update 2021-11-18 RHBA-2021:4737 Update
Satellite 6.10 GA Release 2021-11-16 RHSA-2021:4702 Upgrade Guide
Satellite 6.9.7 Update 2021-11-10 RHBA-2021:4612 Update
Satellite 6.10 Beta Release 2021-09-23
Satellite 6.9.6 Update 2021-09-21 RHBA-2021:3628 Update
Satellite 6.9.5 Update 2021-08-31 RHBA-2021:3387 Update
Satellite 6.9.4 Update 2021-07-29 RHBA-2021:2948 Update
Satellite 6.9.3 Update 2021-07-01 RHBA-2021:2636 Update
Satellite 6.9.2 Update 2021-05-20 RHBA-2021:2074 Update
Satellite 6.9.1 Update 2021-04-26 RHBA-2021:1371 Update
Satellite 6.9 GA Release 2021-04-21 RHSA-2021:1313 Upgrade Guide
Satellite 6.8.6 Update 2021-04-13 RHBA-2021:1181 Update
Satellite 6.8.5 Update 2021-03-31 RHBA-2021:1057 Update
Satellite 6.9 Beta Release 2021-02-16
Satellite 6.8.4 Update 2021-02-24 RHBA-2021:0654 Update
Satellite 6.8.3 Update 2021-01-28 RHBA-2021:0302 Update
Satellite 6.8.2 Update 2020-12-15 RHBA-2020:5467 Update
Satellite 6.8.1 Update 2020-11-23 RHBA-2020:5180 Update
Satellite 6.8 GA Release 2020-10-27 RHSA-2020:4366 Upgrade Guide
Satellite 6.7.5 Update 2020-10-26 RHBA-2020:4346 Update
Satellite 6.7.4 Update 2020-09-30 RHSA-2020:4127 Update
Satellite 6.7.3 Update 2020-09-02 RHBA-2020:3614 Update
Satellite 6.8 Beta Release 2020-08-18
Satellite 6.7.2 Update 2020-07-30 RHBA-2020:3255 Update
Satellite 6.7.1 Update 2020-06-08 RHBA-2020:2422 Update
Satellite 6.7 GA Release 2020-04-14 RHSA-2020:1454 Upgrade Guide
Satellite 6.7 Beta Release 2020-02-11
Satellite 6.6.3 Update 2020-04-16 RHBA-2020:1494 Update
Satellite 6.6.2 Update 2020-02-13 RHBA-2020:0496 Update
Satellite 6.6.1 Update 2019-12-04 RHBA-2019:4103 Update
Satellite 6.6 GA Release 2019-10-22 RHSA-2019:3172 Upgrade Guide
Satellite 6.6 Beta Release 2019-08-20
Satellite 6.5.3 Update 2019-10-29 RHBA-2019:3241 Update
Satellite 6.5.2 Update 2019-08-06 RHBA-2019:2363 Update
Satellite 6.5.1 Update 2019-06-20 RHBA-2019:1581 Update
Satellite 6.5 GA Release 2019-05-14 RHSA-2019:1222 Upgrade Guide
Satellite 6.5 Beta Release 2019-03-27 Beta Upgrade
Satellite 6.4.4 Update 2019-07-15 RHBA-2019:1780 Update
Satellite 6.4.3 Update 2019-04-30 RHBA-2019:0903 Update
Satellite 6.4.2 Update 2019-02-13 RHBA-2019:0345 Update
Satellite 6.4.1 Update 2018-12-06 RHBA-2018:3799 Update
Satellite 6.4 GA Release 2018-10-16 RHSA-2018:2927 Upgrade Guide
Satellite 6.4 Beta Release 2018-09-05
Satellite 6.3.5 Update 2018-10-30 RHBA-2018:3411 Update
Satellite 6.3.4 Update 2018-10-11 RHBA-2018:2915 Update
Satellite 6.3.3 Update 2018-08-22 RHBA-2018:2550 Update
Satellite 6.3.2 Update 2018-06-19 RHBA-2018:1950 Update
Satellite 6.3.1 Update 2018-04-13 RHBA-2018:1126 Update
Satellite 6.3 GA Release 2018-02-21 RHSA-2018:0336 Upgrade Guide / FAQ
Satellite 6.3 Beta Release 2017-12-07 New Install
Satellite 6.2.16 Update 2018-11-26 RHBA-2018:3657 Update
Satellite 6.2.15 Update 2018-05-21 RHBA-2018:1672 Update
Satellite 6.2.14 Update 2018-02-05 RHBA-2018:0272 Update
Satellite 6.2.13 Update 2017-12-20 RHBA-2017:3492 Update
Satellite 6.2.12 Update 2017-09-25 RHBA-2017:2803 Update
Satellite 6.2.11 Update 2017-08-10 RHBA-2017:2466 Update
Satellite 6.2.10 Update 2017-06-20 RHBA-2017:1553 Update
Satellite 6.2.9 Update 2017-05-01 RHBA-2017:1191 Update
Satellite 6.2.8 Update 2017-03-06 RHBA-2017:0447 Update
Satellite 6.2.7 Update 2017-01-26 RHBA-2017:0197 Update
Satellite 6.2.6 Update 2016-12-19 RHBA-2016:2958 Update
Satellite 6.2.5 Update 2016-12-12 RHBA-2016:2940 Update
Satellite 6.2.4 Update 2016-11-10 RHBA-2016:2699 Update
Satellite 6.2.3 Update 2016-10-26 RHBA-2016:2108 Update
Satellite 6.2.2 Update 2016-09-15 RHBA-2016:1885 Update
Satellite 6.2.1 Update 2016-08-16 RHBA-2016:1615 Update
Satellite 6.2 GA Release 2016-07-27 RHBA-2016:1501 Upgrade FAQ
Satellite 6.2 Beta Release 2016-04-28 Upgrade
Satellite 6.1.12 Update 2017-06-29 RHBA-2017:1668 Update
Satellite 6.1.11 Update 2016-11-17 RHBA-2016:2804 Update
Satellite 6.1.10 Update 2016-09-27 RHBA-2016:1938 Update
Satellite 6.1.9 Update 2016-05-17 RHBA-2016:1084 Update
Satellite 6.1.8 Update 2016-03-22 RHBA-2016:0475 Update
Satellite 6.1.7 Update 2016-02-15 RHSA-2016:0174 Update
Satellite 6.1.6 Update 2016-01-21 RHBA-2016:0052 Update
Satellite 6.1.5 Update 2015-12-15 RHSA-2015:2622 Update
Satellite 6.1.4 Update 2015-11-19 RHBA-2015:2474 Update
Satellite 6.1.3 Update 2015-10-12 RHBA-2015:1911 Update
Satellite 6.1.2 Update 2015-09-15 RHBA-2015:1786 Update
Satellite 6.1 GA Release (Build 6.1.1) 2015-08-12 RHSA-2015:1592 (on RHEL 6 / RHSA-2015:1591 (on RHEL 7) Upgrade
Satellite 6.1 Beta Release (Build 6.1.0) 2015-06-17 Upgrade
Satellite 6.0.8 Update 2015-02-20 RHBA-2015:0247 Update
Satellite 6.0.7 Update 2015-01-16 RHBA-2015:0054 Update
Satellite 6.0.6 Update 2014-11-13 RHBA-2014:1857 Update
Satellite 6.0.5 Update 2014-09-22 RHBA-2014:1279 Update
Satellite 6.0 GA Release (Build 6.0.4) 2014-09-10 RHBA-2014:1175 Transition from Satellite 5

Note: For Errata updates, please read the Solution section of the errata page and follow all instructions to apply updates.

Red Hat Product Errata: Red Hat Satellite

The latest updates regarding the Red Hat Satellite release info can be found at Red Hat Product Errata: Satellite.

Satellite 6 Component Versions

For package Component versions mapping, please refer to "Satellite 6 Component Versions".

Red Hat Satellite 5 Releases info (For historical purposes only)


  1. Satellite/Proxy 5 customers, please be aware of Important Changes Coming to Red Hat Satellite 5.
  2. For Errata updates, please read the "Solution" section of the errata page and follow all instructions to apply updates. For Satellite 5 upgrades between major or minor versions, make sure to follow instructions in the rhn-upgrade package documentation (also see "How to upgrade Red Hat Satellite Server to the most current version?").
  3. For transitioning from Satellite 5 to Satellite 6, see "Red Hat Satellite 5 to Satellite 6 Transition FAQ".
Release/Update General Availability Date Link satellite-branding Version Update vs. Upgrade*
Satellite 5.8 GA Release 2017-06-20 Release Notes Upgrade
Satellite 5.7 GA Release 2015-01-12 Release Notes Upgrade
Satellite 5.6 GA Release 2013-10-01 Release Notes Upgrade


  1. EOL notification for Red Hat Satellite 5 running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  2. EOL notification for Red Hat Satellite 5.5 and older versions


Any info on a release date for Satellite 6.2 ??

Just installed 6.1.8

Any release notes yet?

RHBA-2016:1084 just released which is Satellite 6.1.9

Is there an ETA for Satellite 5.8 GA release? 5.8 is mentioned here:

6.2.2 is released -

6.1.10 date missing? And estimate for NEXT version of 6.1.x and 6.2.x


Both 6.2.3 - and 6.2.4 - were released, but they are missing from the above table...

The 6.2.6 update has been released and is missing from the above table -

Satellite 6.2.9 has been released. Please update.

Until the above table is updated the 6.2.9 update errata can be found at the following link:

according to this list 6.1.9 was released 5 days before 6.1.8


Thanks Rob, fixed now - should be 2016-05-17 not 2016-03-17, apologies for the typo!

when 6.3 will come out from beta ?

This table is missing the 6.3 Beta release of Dec 7 2017.

Is this article not getting updated anymore? 6.3.1 is already out since a few weeks.

Information for the releases Satellite 6.3.1 Update and Satellite 6.3.2 Update appears to be inaccurate.

May be a mistake in the 6.3.1 and 6.3.1 release date. year seems incorrect.

Added EOL dates , and sat6 to foreman mapping.

This document needs to be updated with 6.7.1 that is already released

This document needs to be updated with 6.7.3 as thats already released and have patched our satellite successfully

Abhinit, 6.7.3 release notes added. Thanks!

This doc needs an update for already released 6.7.4 Red Hat Satellite 6.7.4 Release

Any news on when Satellite 7 is released?

There is some information at .

Hi Fred,

I can only tell you 6.8.1 has been released this week.

There are no signs of a 7.0 beta yet, so I do not expect it before Christmas 2020 or even New Year 2020.


Jan Gerrit

A link to information on upcoming major versions would be helpful, i.e. Satellite 7.0.

Hi Redhat team

Citing that 6.9 is now conceived , it would be nice if the redhat satellite upgrade helper in is updated please as it still shows 6.8 as the target version.

Regards Abhinit

Hello, thanks for the feedback, we have just updated the upgrade helper. Enjoy!

According to this page, the 6.9 GA release should be available, but trying to upgrade results in

Following repositories are not available on your system: rhel-7-server-satellite-6.9-rpms

The 6.9 Tools repo also seems to be missing.

This happens even after refreshing the manifest.

Just a blind guess: won't subscription-manager refresh help? maybe followed by yum clean all; rm -rf /var/cache/yum/*?

I tried those things, of course.

In any case, the missing repos are there now.

When will Satellite 7 be released that runs RHEL 8?

Ed, We are working towards Satellite 7 in NA Spring 2022 that we are planning on running on RHEL8. These plans are subject to change but this is our target.

(edited to correct from 2021 -> 2022)

This document needs to be updated with the 6.10.3 release

Actually 6.10.4 is out as of March 29

Satellite Strange Behaviour Problem with Custom Product Repos for example EPEL 8, Repo, attached to Content View for years, for Content Host Subscription attached and Repo enabled in Repository-Set - but on Content Host side Repo is not available.

Hello, Reiner.  This Knowledge-Centered Service article about Satellite release dates is not the right place to ask for help about a problem you are seeing with a particular Satellite version.  Please open a support case for your problem and Red Hat technical support would be happy to help you! (Just so you know, Satellite 6.10 is currently in its maintenance phase of life according to the Red Hat Satellite Product Life Cycle page and reaches its end of life this May 2023.)

Hello Bernie, you are right, I has a opened a support case before my Comment, just to mention that faster and shorter Release Cycles could not prevent that a Bug which can only be discovered on client side!, identified on Satellite Rel. 6.8, currently is not fixed. Workaround is available and works.

Is Satellite Server for RHEL9 on the roadmap?

Two questions;

When will Satellite be released on RHEL 9 ? To be frank its a PITA to have to run one instance of RHEL 8 just to support Satellite.

When will Satellite 7 be released ?


Current plans for Satellite/Capsules to run on RHEL 9 is 6.16 which is ~May, 2024. There are no plans for a Satellite 7 but instead we will stay on the 6.x release cadence.