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What every Satellite and Proxy version 5 customer needs to know


The purpose of this page is to help you understand the Red Hat Satellite 5 product lifecycle and how it might affect you in the months and years to come. Satellite 5 is a systems management platform which has been in existence for nearly 10 years. Red Hat Satellite 6, introduced in 2014, is the future of Red Hat systems management, and ultimately our long-term recommendation for managing your Red Hat infrastructure. In the meantime, please use this page as a reference document to help you plan the remainder of your stay on Satellite 5, as well as plan your transition to Satellite 6.

Satellite 5.8 - The Best Choice for Long-Term Use of Satellite 5

Red Hat Satellite 5.8 introduces several new features, enhancements and programs, including:

  • Increased speed with channel install and content syncing. For the first time in Satellite 5, customers can now register, activate and update the Satellite server from the Customer Portal, as well as synchronize content via the Red Hat Content Delivery Network. See "Satellite 5.8 cdn-sync Performance Comparison (vs satellite-sync)"

  • Improved diagnostics of background tasks and jobs. Red Hat Satellite 5.8 Introduces the Taskotop utility, which monitors Taskomatic activities and provides insights and information on the status of jobs, which can now run background tasks individually or in bulk.
  • Updated support of Oracle DB and PostgreSQL. Red Hat Satellite 5.8 offers expanded support for two additional databases -- External Oracle Database 12c and Embedded/Managed PostgreSQL 9.5 DB.
  • Extended lifecycle support beginning in 2019. Satellite 5.8 is the only minor release of the Satellite 5 product line to offer an Extended Lifecycle Support option beginning in early 2019.

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Satellite 5 Support Life-Cycle Dates

All versions of Red Hat Satellite 5 will go end-of life on January 31, 2019 with the exception of Satellite 5.8, which will offer an Extended Life Phase until May 31, 2020.

The Extended Life Phase for Satellite 5.8 will be offered separately from your regular Satellite subscription, so work with your Red Hat Account Manager to plan for this expense if you wish to stay on Satellite 5 during that time.

End of Maintenance Support 2 Phase End of Extended Life Phase
Satellite and Proxy 5.8 Jan 31, 2019 May 31, 2020
Satellite and Proxy 5.7 & 5.6 Jan 31, 2019 Not supported
Proxy 5.x Stand-Alone (No Satellite server)* Oct 31, 2017 Not supported

*Red Hat Satellite Proxy server ‘Stand-Alone’ references a component of a Red Hat Satellite deployment which is used as a stand-alone (Satellite-less) offering, and as of October 31, 2017 is now end-of-life.

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Satellite 5.6 and Proxy running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 ended Maintenance Support 2 Phase on March 31st, 2017. Satellite 5.6 and Proxy servers running on RHEL 5 therefore also came to the end of its support lifecycle at that time. It is recommended you upgrade the underlying OS of the system running Satellite 5.6 or Proxy to RHEL 6 to ensure full support, as Satellite 5.6 platformed on RHEL 6 will continue to be supported per the lifecycle dates listed above.

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Move from Red Hat Network to the Content Delivery Network

The user interface for Red Hat Network (RHN) was shut down in July, 2017. Red Hat strongly recommends the following guidance for Satellite 5 customers if you are not looking to transition to Satellite 6 in the near future:

  • Red Hat Satellite 5.8 Red Hat recommends customers wishing to continue using Satellite 5 for a period of time upgrade to Satellite 5.8. This is the only version of Satellite 5 where customers can register, activate and update their Satellite server from the Customer Portal, as well as synchronize content via the Red Hat Content Delivery Network.
  • Red Hat Satellite 5.6 & 5.7: It is recommended you upgrade to Satellite 5.8 as soon as possible to take advantage of the Customer Portal and Content Delivery Network capabilities. If you cannot upgrade to 5.8 right away, please reference the article below with instructions for allowing a Satellite 5.6 or 5.7 system registered via RHSM to continue to sync via satellite-sync.
  • Red Hat Proxy ‘Stand-Alone’ (Proxy server directly connecting to RHN): Systems registered as clients to RHN via a Proxy server need to migrate to RHSM interface tools ASAP, as this deployment model is now end-of-life. It is recommended, given the lifecycle of Satellite 5, that Proxy-only customers transition to Satellite 6.

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Potential Action Needed Before Applying RHEL 6 Apache (httpd) Errata

A fix to tighten Apache's httpd whitespace enforcement uncovered a bug in the yum-rhn-plugin preventing affected clients from being able to connect to Satellite 5 or RHN/Hosted. To be able to use the newly-secured httpd, with strict-whitespace-enforcement turned on while still allowing all clients to be able to connect, Satellite users may need to take action.

HOW TO TELL IF ACTION IS REQUIRED: You can confirm that the version of Satellite you are running is affected by executing the rpm command rpm -q spacewalk-backend. If the version of the spacewalk-backend package is lower than what is listed below, please update using the yum command. If the version of the spacewalk-backend package is higher than the below, no action is required.

  • Red Hat Satellite 5.7 (spacewalk-backend-2.3.3-48.el6sat)
  • Red Hat Satellite 5.6 for RHEL 6 (spacewalk-backend-2.0.3-44.el6sat)
  • Red Hat Satellite 5.6 for RHEL 5 (spacewalk-backend-2.0.3-44.el5sat)
  • Red Hat Satellite with Embedded Oracle 5.5 for RHEL 6 (spacewalk-backend-1.7.38-56.el6sat)
  • Red Hat Satellite with Embedded Oracle 5.5 for RHEL 5 (spacewalk-backend-1.7.38-56.el5sat)
  • Red Hat Satellite with Embedded Oracle 5.4 for RHEL 6 (spacewalk-backend-1.2.13-84.el6sat)
  • Red Hat Satellite with Embedded Oracle 5.4 for RHEL 5 (spacewalk-backend-1.2.13-84.el5sat)

If action is required, please refer to the 'Proposed Corrective Workflow' section of the Customer Portal knowledgebase article which details the problem, the fixes, and the steps to resolve the issue.

Transition from Satellite 5 to Satellite 6

Red Hat Satellite 6 is not merely an update to the Satellite systems management product line, but a leap forward from its previous versions with the most advanced technologies available today. This leap in technology and design reaffirms Red Hat Satellite as the premier manager of your workloads for the next generation of computing platforms—embracing modern models of bare-metal, virtual, and cloud-based management.

Considering Red Hat Satellite 6 is a complete technology update to the Red Hat Satellite family, refreshing your Red Hat Satellite deployment from version 5 to 6 is a transition, not a traditional upgrade.

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