End-of-Life (EOL) notification for Red Hat Satellite 5.5 and older versions

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  • When does Red Hat Satellite and Proxy 5.5 and below reach end of life (EOL)?


Red Hat Satellite / Proxy 5.5 and older versions, including:
* 5.2
* 5.3
* 5.4
* 5.5


This is a reminder notification of the End Of Life (EOL) plans for Red Hat Satellite 5 versions 5.5 and below (5.2-5.5).

After May 29 2015, as per the life cycle support policy for Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat will discontinue technical support services as well as software maintenance services for all Red Hat Satellite versions 5.5 or older. The above listed versions will exit the existing Limited Maintenance Release phase. This means that new bug fixes, security errata and product enhancements will no longer be provided for the above listed product versions.

Please reference the support policy here:

1) Red Hat will continue to support Red Hat Satellite and Proxy version 5.6 and newer
2) All versions of Satellite 5.5 and below are EOL on May 29 2015.

Side Notes:
1) Red Hat Satellite and Proxy 5.6 and 5.7 (and yet-to-be-released 5.8[1]) will be supported until January 31, 2019
2) An Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) stream will be made available for Satellite/Proxy 5.8[1] which ends May 31, 2020 - please check back on the Red Hat Satellite Lifecycle Page for details and updates.
3) Red Hat Satellite/Proxy 5.0 and 5.1 had already reached EOL earlier, along with 5.2 on RHEL 4 and 5.3 on RHEL 4.

[1] As seen on the Lifecycle page, there is a Satellite 5.8 release being planned whose main feature will be the addition of CDN support which allows Satellite 5.8 to consume content directly from the Content Delivery Network (cdn.redhat.com). This is the only version of Satellite 5 where customers will be able to access Extended Lifecycle Support in 2019. If you plan to stay on Satellite 5 in 2019, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to Satellite 5.8 as soon as possible.

Though we are committed to the May 29 2015 date for beginning the process of decommissioning Satellite and Proxy support listed, we recognize that our customers have woven these products very deeply into their processes and may need some time to upgrade.

For upgrade purposes, please note the following date:
* May 29 2015 - Satellite and Proxy versions listed - active status is terminated. The Satellite and Proxy versions listed enter an inactive state. This includes no longer generating nor providing Satellite Certificates to customers requesting them for these EOL product versions.

The overview for the Satellite Upgrade process starting point is outlined here:

For detailed instructions on upgrading Red Hat Satellite 5, please refer to the /etc/sysconfig/rhn/satellite-upgrade/README file. This can be found within the rhn-upgrade package. Before proceeding, it is important to read the complete details contained within the most current rhn-upgrade package README file.

As with all Satellite upgrades, please ensure that known good backups are available, especially of the database.

How to proceed:
* All affected Satellite and Proxy users must plan to upgrade to a newer version prior to May 29 2015. Also see "My Red Hat Satellite server version 5.5 or earlier is EOL on 29-May-2015. What are my upgrade options?" which outlines upgrade options.
* If you have a Technical Account Manager, contact that person immediately to discuss upgrade plans.
* Otherwise, contact support for assistance: https://www.redhat.com/support/
* Alternatively, Red Hat Consulting can be engaged to assist with a smooth upgrade: http://www.redhat.com/consulting/
* Also see this solution: How to upgrade Red Hat Satellite
* EOL Errata:
* RHN Satellite Server 5.5 - 4 Month End Of Life Notice
* Red Hat Satellite Server 5.5 - 40 day End Of Life Notice
* Red Hat Satellite Server / Proxy 5.5 - 30 day End Of Life Notice

It is critical to ensure you have a plan to upgrade the following Red Hat Satellite and Proxy listed versions, prior to May 29 2015 -
* 5.2
* 5.3
* 5.4
* 5.5

Customers who choose to continue to deploy any of the listed Red Hat Satellite or Proxy offerings will continue to have access via Red Hat Network (RHN) to the following content as part of their active Red Hat Satellite subscription:
- Bug fixes, security errata and product enhancements available prior to the End of Life date.
- Red Hat Knowledge Base and other content (whitepapers, reference architectures, etc) found in the Red Hat Customer Portal.
- All Red Hat Satellite documentation.

Customers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the upgrade benefits of their active Red Hat Satellite subscription and migrate to an active version of Red Hat Satellite such as version 5.6 or 5.7.

Details of the Red Hat Satellite life-cycle can be found on the Red Hat website: