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The latest frequently asked questions document for Red Hat Satellite 6 is available on the Red Hat website and is linked from this article.


This document was at the 2014 Red Hat Summit, It covers the overview, roadmap from satellite 5 to 6, with the corresponding video

  • Red Hat Satellite youtube channel, with some practical examples of using Satellite 6 from the 2014 Red Hat Summit.

For the Bare Metal category, is this all architectures or a subset of X86_64, PPC and S390?

Many thanks


Yes - please refer to "[Satellite] Which RHEL versions are supported as client systems managed by Red Hat Satellite server?"

Is Puppet included with Satellite 6, or is a separate Puppet subscription required?

Puppet is one of the components included in Satellite 6 - please see for supported usage.

You may also find the following resources helpful:
* "Red Hat Satellite 6: Core Standard Operating Environments (SOE) Recommended Practices"
* "Red Hat Satellite 5 and 6 Puppet Guide"

The supported usage page is currently generating a 404 error.

Thank you for the report - we're looking into the url issue but in the meantime you can find the chapter at "" or just look for "Supported Usage" in the Installation Guide.

OK, this has been bugging me for a week, and the GA versions of the documentation haven't (yet) enlightened me. I'm either very blind, very dense, or possibly both...

WHERE is Puppet (client) included in Satellite 6? On the beta server, the only place I could find it is in the Satellite-6-beta repo, and installed & running on the satellite server itself. But how do I get the right version of the Puppet (client) RPM installed on my Satellite client systems? It doesn't yet exist in any client-facing Red Hat repo that I can find, and there is no reference that I can find in the Satellite docs as to how to install it on a client. Only in the "Satellite 6 Core SOE" paper does it get mentioned, and then only if you Kickstart a system from bare metal--then, somehow automagically, the Puppet client is apparently installed, registered to the appropriate Puppet Master (the Satellite 6 server), and running.

The "Supported Usage" chapter describes how the Puppet Master functions are supported on the Satellite, but then has only the vaguely-worded statement "Installation and configuration of Puppet is left up to the Satellite administrator's discretion." I think that means "Red Hat does not support or document use of Puppet on the client", but I wish it would be stated much more clearly if that is the case.

Thanks for the feedback James - the "Red Hat Commons" repo provides packages for both Katello Agent and Puppet Agent on the client system - the Registration section of the Satellite 6 User Guide has steps and "The Red Hat Common repository must be enabled as it provides katello-agent." though does not mention Puppet Agent.

Bugzilla #1141954 has been filed to clarify this. In the meantime there's this Solution "Which repository provides katello-agent and puppet packages for Satellite 6 client system ?"

Updated to reflect Red Hat Satellite 6.1 GA Release, August 12, 2015.

i'm interested to find a list of operating systems & versions usable with satellite (e.g. centos, fedora, ubuntu, suse)

This still shows FAQs of Satellite 6.6, do we have any new page which is for Satellite 6.7?

Hello, thanks for info, I just have asked to update the page.

There's nothing there and the link does not work.

Hello, thanks for letting us know - I am checking internally where the content has gone.

FYI: It hasn't been updated since January 4, 2022 and covers version 6.10.