14.3.2. Add a New Security Realm

  1. Run the Management CLI.

    Start the jboss-cli.sh or jboss-cli.bat command and connect to the server.
  2. Create the new security realm itself.

    Run the following command to create a new security realm named MyDomainRealm on a domain controller or a standalone server.
  3. Create the references to the properties file which will store information about the new role.

    Run the following command to create a pointer a file named myfile.properties, which will contain the properties pertaining to the new role.


    The newly-created properties file is not managed by the included add-user.sh and add-user.bat scripts. It must be managed externally.

Your new security realm is created. When you add users and roles to this new realm, the information will be stored in a separate file from the default security realms. You can manage this new file using your own applications or procedures.