10.6.3. Transaction Logging About Transaction Log Messages

To track transaction status while keeping the log files readable, use the DEBUG log level for the transaction logger. For detailed debugging, use the TRACE log level. Refer to Section, “Configure Logging for the Transaction Subsystem” for information on configuring the transaction logger.
The transaction manager can generate a lot of logging information when configured to log in the TRACE log level. Following are some of the most commonly-seen messages. This list is not comprehensive, so you may see other messages than these.

Table 10.11. Transaction State Change

Transaction Begin
When a transaction begins, the following code is executed:
tsLogger.logger.trace("BasicAction::Begin() for action-id "+ get_uid());
Transaction Commit
When a transaction commits, the following code is executed:
tsLogger.logger.trace("BasicAction::End() for action-id "+ get_uid());
Transaction Rollback
When a transaction rolls back, the following code is executed:
tsLogger.logger.trace("BasicAction::Abort() for action-id "+ get_uid());
Transaction Timeout
When a transaction times out, the following code is executed:
tsLogger.logger.trace("Reaper Worker " + Thread.currentThread() + " attempting to cancel " + e._control.get_uid());
You will then see the same thread rolling back the transaction as shown above.