2.2.5. Install the JBoss EAP 6 Maven Repository Using Nexus Maven Repository Manager

There are three ways to install the repository; on your local file system, on Apache Web Server, or with a Maven repository manager. This option is best if you have a licences and already use a repository manager because you can host the JBoss repository alongside your existing repositories. For more information about Maven repository managers, see Section 2.2.6, “About Maven Repository Managers”.
This example will cover the steps to install the JBoss EAP 6 Maven Repository using Sonatype Nexus Maven Repository Manager. For more complete instructions, see Sonatype Nexus: Manage Artifacts.

Procedure 2.3. Download the JBoss EAP 6 Maven Repository ZIP archive

  1. Find "Application Platform 6.1.0 Maven Repository" in the list.
  2. Click the Download button to download a .zip file containing the repository.
  3. Unzip the files into a directory of your choosing.

Procedure 2.4. Add the JBoss EAP 6 Maven Repository using Nexus Maven Repository Manager

  1. Log into Nexus as an Administrator.
  2. Select the Repositories section from the ViewsRepositories menu to the left of your repository manager.
  3. Click the Add... dropdown, then select Hosted Repository.
  4. Give the new repository a name and ID.
  5. Enter the path on disk to the unzipped repository in the field Override Local Storage Location.
  6. Continue if you want the artifact to be available in a repository group. Do not continue with this procedure if this is not what you want.
  7. Select the repository group.
  8. Click on the Configure tab.
  9. Drag the new JBoss Maven repository from the Available Repositories list to the Ordered Group Repositories list on the left.


    Note that the order of this list determines the priority for searching Maven artifacts.

The repository is configured using Nexus Maven Repository Manager.