2.3. Use the Maven Repository

2.3.1. Configure the JBoss EAP Maven Repository


There are two approaches to direct Maven to use the JBoss EAP 6 Maven Repository in your project:

  • You can configure the repositories in the Maven global or user settings.
  • You can configure the repositories in the project's POM file.

Procedure 2.5. Configure Maven Settings to Use the JBoss EAP 6 Maven Repository

  1. Configure the Maven repository using Maven settings

    This is the recommended approach. Maven settings used with a repository manager or repository on a shared server provide better control and manageability of projects. Settings also provide the ability to use an alternative mirror to redirect all lookup requests for a specific repository to your repository manager without changing the project files. For more information about mirrors, see http://maven.apache.org/guides/mini/guide-mirror-settings.html.
    This method of configuration applies across all Maven projects, as long as the project POM file does not contain repository configuration.
  2. Configure the Maven repository using the project POM

    This method of configuration is generally not recommended. If you decide to configure repositories in your project POM file, plan carefully and be aware that it can slow down your build and you may even end up with artifacts that are not from the expected repository.


    In an Enterprise environment, where a repository manager is usually used, Maven should query all artifacts for all projects using this manager. Because Maven uses all declared repositories to find missing artifacts, if it can't find what it's looking for, it will try and look for it in the repository central (defined in the built-in parent POM). To override this central location, you can add a definition with central so that the default repository central is now your repository manager as well. This works well for established projects, but for clean or 'new' projects it causes a problem as it creates a cyclic dependency.
    Transitively included POMs are also an issue with this type of configuration. Maven has to query these external repositories for missing artifacts. This not only slows down your build, it also causes you to lose control over where your artifacts are coming from and likely to cause broken builds.
    This method of configuration overrides the global and user Maven settings for the configured project.