12.12.5. REST.Request Class Members

Table 12.7. REST.Request Class

Member Description
execute(callback) Executes the request with all the information set in the current object. The value is passed to the optional argument callback, not returned.
setAccepts(acceptHeader) Sets the Accept request header. Defaults to */*.
setCredentials(username, password) Sets the request credentials.
setEntity(entity) Sets the request entity.
setContentType(contentTypeHeader) Sets the Content-Type request header.
setURI(uri) Sets the request URI. This should be an absolute URI.
setMethod(method) Sets the request method. Defaults to GET.
setAsync(async) Controls whether the request should be asynchronous. Defaults to true.
addCookie(name, value) Sets the given cookie in the current document when executing the request. This will be persistent in the browser.
addQueryParameter(name, value) Adds a query parameter to the URI query part.
addMatrixParameter(name, value) Adds a matrix parameter (path parameter) to the last path segment of the request URI.
addHeader(name, value) Adds a request header.