14.3. Security Realms

14.3.1. About Security Realms

A security realm is a series of mappings between users and passwords, and users and roles. Security realms are a mechanism for adding authentication and authorization to your EJB and Web applications. JBoss EAP 6 provides two security realms by default:
  • ManagementRealm stores authentication information for the Management API, which provides the functionality for the Management CLI and web-based Management Console. It provides an authentication system for managing JBoss EAP 6 itself. You could also use the ManagementRealm if your application needed to authenticate with the same business rules you use for the Management API.
  • ApplicationRealm stores user, password, and role information for Web Applications and EJBs.
Each realm is stored in two files on the filesystem:
  • REALM-users.properties stores usernames and hashed passwords.
  • REALM-users.properties stores user-to-role mappings.
The properties files are stored in the domain/configuration/ and standalone/configuration/ directories. The files are written simultaneously by the add-user.sh or add-user.bat command. When you run the command, the first decision you make is which realm to add your new user to.