6.2.3. Localizing Internationalized Loggers, Messages and Exceptions Generate New Translation Properties Files with Maven

Projects that are being built with Maven can generate empty translation property files for each Message Logger and Message Bundle it contains. These files can then be used as new translation property files.
The following procedure shows how to configure a Maven project to generate new translation property files.
Refer to the logging-tools quick start for a complete example.


  1. You must already have a working Maven project.
  2. The project must already be configured for JBoss Logging Tools.
  3. The project must contain one or more interfaces that define internationalized log messages or exceptions.

Procedure 6.4. Generate New Translation Properties Files with Maven

  1. Add Maven configuration

    Add the -AgenereatedTranslationFilePath compiler argument to the Maven compiler plug-in configuration and assign it the path where the new files will be created.
    The above configuration will create the new files in the target/generated-translation-files directory of your Maven project.
  2. Build the project

    Build the project using Maven.
    [Localhost]$ mvn compile
One properties files is created per interface annotated with @MessageBundle or @MessageLogger. The new files are created in a subdirectory corresponding to the Java package that each interface is declared in.
Each new file is named using the following syntax where InterfaceName is the name of the interface that this file was generated for: InterfaceName.i18n_locale_COUNTRY_VARIANT.properties.
These files can now be copied into your project as the basis for new translations.