6.2.4. Customizing Internationalized Log Messages Add Message Ids and Project Codes to Log Messages

This task shows how to add message ids and project codes to internationalized log messages created using JBoss Logging Tools. A log message must have both a project code and message id for them to be displayed in the log. If a message does not have both a project code and a message id, then neither is displayed.
Refer to the logging-tools quick start for a complete example.


  1. You must already have a project with internationalized log messages. Refer to Section, “Create Internationalized Log Messages”.
  2. You need to know what the project code you will be using is. You can use a single project code, or define different ones for each interface.

Procedure 6.6. Add message Ids and Project Codes to Log Messages

  1. Specify the project code for the interface.

    Specify the project code using the projectCode attribute of the @MessageLogger annotation attached to a custom logger interface. All messages that are defined in the interface will use that project code.
    interface AccountsLogger extends BasicLogger
  2. Specify Message Ids

    Specify a message id for each message using the id attribute of the @Message annotation attached to the method that defines the message.
    @Message(id=43, value = "Customer query failed, Database not available.")  void customerQueryFailDBClosed();
The log messages that have both a message ID and project code have been associated with them will prepend these to the logged message.
10:55:50,638 INFO  [com.company.accounts.ejb] (MSC service thread 1-4) ACCNTS000043: Customer query failed, Database not available.