14.3.3. Add a User to a Security Realm

  1. Run the add-user.sh or add-user.bat command.

    Open a terminal and change directories to the EAP_HOME/bin/ directory. If you run Red Hat Enterprise Linux or another UNIX-like operating system, run add-user.sh. If you run Microsoft Windows Server, run add-user.bat.
  2. Choose whether to add a Management User or Application User.

    For this procedure, type b to add an Application User.
  3. Choose the realm the user will be added to.

    By default, the only available realm is ApplicationRealm. If you have added a custom realm, you can type its name instead.
  4. Type the username, password, and roles, when prompted.

    Type the desired username, password, and optional roles when prompted. Verify your choice by typing yes, or type no to cancel the changes. The changes are written to each of the properties files for the security realm.