2.2.6. About Maven Repository Managers

A repository manager is a tool that allows you to easily manage Maven repositories. Repository managers are useful in multiple ways:
  • They provide the ability to configure proxies between your organization and remote Maven repositories. This provides a number of benefits, including faster and more efficient deployments and a better level of control over what is downloaded by Maven.
  • They provide deployment destinations for your own generated artifacts, allowing collaboration between different development teams across an organization.
For more information about Maven repository managers, see Apache Maven Project - The List of Repository Managers.

Commonly used Maven repository managers

Sonatype Nexus
See Sonatype Nexus: Manage Artifacts for more information about Nexus.
See Artifactory Open Source for more information about Artifactory.
Apache Archiva
See Apache Archiva: The Build Artifact Repository Manager for more information about Apache Archiva.