12.12.4. Build AJAX Queries with the JavaScript API


The RESTEasy JavaScript API can be used to manually construct requests. This topic covers examples of this behavior.

Example 12.16. The REST Object

The REST object can be used to override RESTEasy JavaScript API client behavior:
// Change the base URL used by the API:
REST.apiURL = "http://api.service.com";

// log everything in a div element
REST.log = function(text){

The REST object contains the following read-write properties:
Set by default to the JAX-RS root URL. Used by every JavaScript client API functions when constructing the requests.
Set to a function(string) in order to receive RESTEasy client API logs. This is useful if you want to debug your client API and place the logs where you can see them.

Example 12.17. The REST.Request Class

The REST.Request class can be used to build custom requests:
var r = new REST.Request();
r.setEntity({id: "23"});
r.addMatrixParameter("JSESSIONID", "12309812378123");
r.execute(function(status, request, entity){
 log("Response is "+status);