4.3. The Main Config File

The main JBoss Web server configuration file is the TLD server.xml file located in the $JBOSS_SERVER_HOME/PROFILE/deploy/jbossweb.sar/ directory. The file defines the JBoss Web server configuration with a set of XML configuration elements and their attributes.
The elements must follow the nesting depicted in Figure 4.1, “The server.xml file schema”.
The server.xml file schema

Figure 4.1. The server.xml file schema

The elements can be divided in the following categories:
  • top-level elements: contain any other elements (<Server> and <Service>);
  • connectors: represent interface between clients and the service that receives the clients' requests;
  • containers: represent components, which process incoming requests (<Engine>, <Host>, and <Context>);
  • nested components: represent entities that provide further functionalities to their parent elements or intercept the request processing;