Chapter 17. Datasource Configuration


The default persistence configuration works out of the box with Hypersonic (HSQLDB) so that the JBoss Enterprise Platforms are able to run "out of the box". However, Hypersonic is not supported in production and should not be used in a production environment.
Known issues with the Hypersonic Database include:
  • no transaction isolation;
  • thread and socket leaks (connection.close() does not tidy up resources);
  • persistence quality (logs commonly become corrupted after a failure, preventing automatic recovery);
  • database corruption;
  • stability under load (database processes cease when dealing with too much data);
  • and not viable in clustered environments.
Check the "Using Other Databases" chapter of the Getting Started Guide for assistance.
Datasources are defined inside a <datasources> element. The exact element depends on the type of datasource required.


Attempting to deploy more than one datasource file in an application's archive file (esb, war, ear), will lead to an exception being thrown.
Deploying multiple datasource files is not supported in EAP5.2.0

17.1. Types of Datasources

Datasource Definitions

Does not take part in JTA transactions. The java.sql.Driver is used.
Does not support two phase commit. The java.sql.Driver is used. Suitable for a single database or a non-XA-aware resource.
Supports two phase commit. The javax.sql.XADataSource driver is used.