4.2. Configuring the JBoss Web Container

The JBoss Web container configuration defines how the container handles the execution and deployment of web application. The configuration is loaded and applied on the server startup: therefore, changes made to the configuration are not applied to the running server.
The JBoss Web behavior can be configured using Tag Library Descriptor (TLD) configuration files:
The server.xml is the main JBoss Web server configuration file (for further details refer to Section 4.3, “The Main Config File”)
The web.xml file is a deployment descriptor defining URL mappings to servlets (defines how web applications are executed)


There are two types of web.xml: the global web.xml valid for the entire server and the local web.xml valid for a web application. The local file overrides the global server.xml file for the given web application.
The global web.xml file is located in $JBOSS_SERVER_HOME/deployers/jbossweb.deployer/ directory, while the web-application specific file is located in the WEB-INF/ directory of the web application.