23.4.3. The HASessionStateService configuration

The HASessionStateService bean is defined in the <JBOSS_HOME>/server/<PROFILE>/deploy/cluster/ha-legacy-jboss-beans.xml file.
<bean name="HASessionStateService"
  <!--  Partition used for group RPCs -->
  <property name="HAPartition"><inject bean="HAPartition"/></property>
  <!-- JNDI name under which the service is bound -->
  <property name="jndiName">/HASessionState/Default</property>
  <!-- Max delay before cleaning unreclaimed state.
       Defaults to 30*60*1000 => 30 minutes -->
  <property name="beanCleaningDelay">0</property>
The configuration attributes in the HASessionStateService bean are listed below.
  • HAPartition is a required attribute to inject the HAPartition service that HA-JNDI uses for intra-cluster communication.
  • jndiName is an optional attribute to specify the JNDI name under which this HASessionStateService bean is bound. The default value is /HAPartition/Default.
  • beanCleaningDelay is an optional attribute to specify the number of milliseconds after which the HASessionStateService can clean a state that has not been modified. If a node, owning a bean, crashes, its brother node will take ownership of this bean. Nevertheless, the container cache of the brother node will not know about it (because it has never seen it before) and will never delete according to the cleaning settings of the bean. That is why the HASessionStateService needs to do this cleanup sometimes. The default value is 30*60*1000 milliseconds (i.e., 30 minutes).