12.9. Scoping the AOP to the classloader

By default all deployments in JBoss are global to the whole application server. That means that any EAR, SAR, or JAR (for example), that is put in the deploy directory can see the classes from any other deployed archive. Similarly, AOP bindings are global to the whole virtual machine. This global visibility can be turned off per top-level deployment.

12.9.1. Deploying as part of a scoped classloader

The following process may change in future versions of JBoss AOP. If you deploy an AOP file as part of a scoped archive, the bindings (for instance) applied within the .aop/META-INF/jboss-aop.xml file will only apply to the classes within the scoped archive and not to anything else in the application server. Another alternative is to deploy -aop.xml files as part of a service archive (SAR). Again, if the SAR is scoped, the bindings contained in the -aop.xml files will only apply to the contents of the SAR file. It is not currently possible to deploy a standalone -aop.xml file and have that attach to a scoped deployment. Standalone -aop.xml files will apply to classes in the whole application server.