Chapter 16. Using Production Databases with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

16.1. How to Use Production Databases

JBoss utilizes the Hypersonic database as its default database. While this is good for development and prototyping, you or your company will probably require another database to be used for production. This chapter covers configuring JBoss Enterprise Application Platform to use production databases. We cover the procedures for all officially supported databases on the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. For a complete list of certified databases, refer to
Please note that in this chapter, we explain how to use production databases to support all services in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. This includes all the system level services such as EJB and JMS. For individual applications (e.g., WAR or EAR) deployed in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, you can still use any backend database by setting up the appropriate data source connection.
Installing the external database is out of the scope of this document. Use the tools provided by your database vendor to set up an empty database. You will need the database name, connection URL, username, and password, in order to create the datasource the Platform will use to connect to the database.